Book Festival: Irvine Welsh.

“I just thought it would be a great title,” smiles Irvine Welsh. “It had nothing really to do with the book.” Admittedly, The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins is odd by most authors’ standards – perhaps not Welsh’s – but the plot actually spiralled from his time living in the States.

“I wanted to write about the obsession with diet and exercise people have in America,” he explains. In the UK, weather is our go-to topic; the US uses food and exercise. It’s common sense, he says, that if you’re consuming too much, to consume less. But Americans substitute one product for another, like a gym membership. He saw a woman break down in a gym because of her trainer and he thought, “She’s actually paying money to be abused by this woman.”

There’s always been a dichotomy with sport and art: you seemingly can’t like both, he claims. But he wanted Lucy and Lena to represent each and in a warped way complete each other.

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