Book Festival: Kirsty Logan and Sara Maitland

Some of the most interesting events can be more than just a single favourite author, but two who specialise in the same format, approaching it very differently. Step forward Kirsty Logan and Sara Maitland.

Kirsty’s collection The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales blends an incredible range of genres, from sci-fi to the fairytale, in themes of love, loss and lust. Sara’s new collection Moss Witch finds her speaking to scientists to blend the fundamentals of their specialty with folklore, creating an equally diverse range of work.

The event starts with readings. Kirsty opts for the title story of her own collection, an emotive 15 minutes of exchanging mechanical hearts from a store following personal heartbreak. Sara’s is a bold rendition of Her Bonxie Boy, smattered with interruptions of her explaining the story or additional information on this island tale.

Read the rest on WOW247!

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