Book Festival: Ian Bell on Bob Dylan.

“I swore for a long time not to write a book on Bob Dylan,” says Ian Bell. “Now I have two.”

He’s a man whose studio time was once described by Kris Kristofferson as “like John Keats’s words being put to music by Mozart”. He’s a musical legend, poet, artist and enigma – he’s also a questionable live performer and an alleged plagiarist. But Bob Dylan is the reason this room is packed, and all facets of his legend are discussed.

One attendee questions the constant need to try find the man within the madness, when the music speaks for itself. Bell notes that this was “based on his life, his times and his art and how the three connect together. I’m interested in how the politics of Reagan’s America works with his career at the time, or how being a born-again Christian affects his music, or the impression of him.” He attempts to weave pieces together, for better or worse.

Read the rest on WOW247!

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