Review: Holly Baxter & Rhiannon Cosslett, Vagenda – Edinburgh Book Festival.

“There’s got to be traction in making fun of this,” remembers Holly Baxter, one half of Vagenda Magazine. Graduating in the recession, sitting with two cheap bottles of wine and a pile of women’s mags, she and Rhiannon Cosslett got bored of the repetition, or famed Cosmo articles like ‘Step Away From The Penis’.

Now, they’re at the forefront of fourth wave feminism. “We better find out what that means,” she jokes, as Rhiannon laughs, “We’re it!” They join the likes of Laura Bates’ Everyday Sexism Project, or as Holly interprets, “feminism taking on different fronts, but in a positive manner.”

A year in they were 8 million views deep; it’s largely their sense of humour that clicks with people. Because they didn’t set out with a view to people actually reading or scrutinising it they had the liberty to be a bit more extreme.

Read the rest on WOW247!

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