Review: Penguin’s Poems for Life – Laura Baber.

poemsPoems to take you from birth through life, and then a little beyond…

Here is the perfect book of verse to inspire, comfort and delight you for a lifetime. Whether you ae celebrating the birth of a baby, falling in love, earning a living, finding your first grey hair or saying your final goodbyes, this rich and wide-ranging treasury is ideal for those moments, big or small, that can only be marked with a poem.

I was given this as part of a graduation present, where they had wanted to get me books and thought to try something they were certain I had nothing like. They were right. And I thought it was a really sweet present, because it was really different to what I usually read.

But also, it’s been a god awful week by any stretch of the imagination and I thought, you know, it might be nice to read something a little different and see if it helps.

As was the case at school, poetry is not for me. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t really enjoy it. Some made me laugh, some made me smile, some also made me zone out unfortunately.

A really good book for people who like poetry, and it’s okay for those who don’t. I can’t see my opinion on it changing, but I still think this was a really nice and thoughtful gift.


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