Review: Tide – Daniela Sacerdoti.

tideYou know sometimes when you read a book and get swept up in the adventure, no matter how mundane? Or how you read a book full of hit after hit after hit of events, and sure you’re not bored, but you’re never quite swept away by it?

This fell into the latter. Tide, the second book in the Sarah Midnight trilogy, is good – really, if you like the first one then this will undoubtedly fare no different. But there’s so much going on. Too much going on.

Sea monsters, rebelling ravens, half-breeds, historical surprise, family secrets, plenty of are-they-dead type situations, and even more love plotlines – it’s bordering an orgy of unrequited emotions.

At the core, the story of Sarah Midnight and the Secret families is good, and the demons / battle to make it a darker time again is a good enemy to face. This book introduced so much more that, while it all kind of falls under the same header of ‘demon’, there’s so many it’s a bit mental.

The character development of some in the book is great, with Nicholas being an obvious case in point. But he’s still a complete ass, controlling, manipulative, and this is once he’s moved on from the first hurdle of wanting to kill her in the first place.

I mean, his character develops but literally no one will ever root for him, but he’s the gateway to what could be a pretty cool crescendo in the third book. We’ll see, anyway.

Black & White Publishing

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