Review: Roomies – Sara Zarr, Tara Altebrando.

roomiesIt’s time to meet your new roomie. Elizabeth sends an email to introduce herself to her newly assigned roomie, Lauren. They’re from different backgrounds, but for at least the next year will be dorm buds, so why wait to get to know one another? Their lives change, become more complex, and they find solace in emailing each other, someone outwith their situation.

And it reads too young for me. Too teenie. That’s the point, I guess, but I missed out on the entire phenomenon when I was at University. But, I have met a huge number of best friends online and can totally understand the solace that can be found in rambling out to someone you don’t see every day.

It’ a quick, easy read on being a teenager and your last summer of youth, as it were. Friendship, family and relationships are the main plot loops and it shows two very different worlds, and deals with a wide range of issues within each one.

The single child, the eldest of six, the reliable parents, the divorced pair with their own issues. Unhappy relationships, unexpected relationships. You get the deal. It’s a quick read, and there’s a lot in it. Probably a good book for those approaching that age/milestone in their life, but a little too young reading for me.

But still, I get it.


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