Review: The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success – Kevin Dutton, Andy McNab.

good-psychopath-logo-300x119So, I’d like to point out the obvious: I’m not a psychopath (seriously, I took their test). It’s just an interesting read in the sense of: how many guides to success encourage you to be a little bit of a psychopath?

It does have RANDOM use of CAPITAL LETTERS on what they clearly feel are BUZZ WORDS, which is SUPER ANNOYING. But there’s plenty of anecdotes and quizzes to accompany their advice. The chats between McNab and Dutton were a bit pointless sometimes, but generally it was fine.

Did I read it to be enlightened? No. I thought it sounded fun. And it kind of was. The massive part on procrastination did really ring true, so that was of particular interest, but if I take one piece of solace it’s that, according to their quizzes, I am not a psychopath, so that’s something.


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