Review: Falling Fast – Neil Broadfoot.

falling fastFalling Fast sees Doug McGregor seeking to track down a convicted rapist, run out of his home by the town’s lynch mob. A city centre suicide diverts his attention, more so once his police contact confirms she’s the daughter of a well known, controversial political figure.

Between them, they try to unravel the secrets, discover the links, find out what was really going on and, more importantly, who is the main culprit.

Broadfoot’s debut was a really easy read, a refreshing change from some of late that have been a tough slog. The key relationship of the book is the give and take of detective and journalist, each trying to further their investigation or reportage while helping the other.

And, it’s an interesting angle. Not someone who reads crime regularly enough to call it a common or uncommon theme, it was, personally at least, good to read a journalist at the core of a story with the goal of solving the case, investigative curiosity, than the reckless actions to gain stories currently sprawled across the news at the moment.

Maybe it’s my naivety in the genre that made it so good: I’m a bit of a misfire when it comes to putting the pieces together, which is why I always tend to be really surprised by the outcomes, here so more than most I’ve read this year. An ending I would never have clocked.

Having said that, I’ve still read some duds when it comes to crime, and this was certainly not one of them. An easy-to-read, interesting case that has an open ending for things to continue. Perhaps, even a will they, won’t they? Who knows. But I’d be more than happy to read on and find out.

Pub: 8th May 2014 | Saraband

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