Review: Moth and Spark – Anne Leonard.

mothThe Princess Bride meets Game of Thrones, with a dash of Jane Austen? That’s how this book bills itself, following Corin – a prince tasked with the impossible, to free dragons from slavery – and Tam – blessed with magicial visions. Between love and pending war, they must figure everything out.

And, ehhh, beyond the mention of dragons it doesn’t read Game of Thrones. I can’t vouch for The Princess Bride, and if it’s Austen-esque in the fact that the romance itself was boring, then it’s spot on.

It often felt a bit more like historical fiction for a large chunk, dealing with the socio-political issues of the time, and plenty of bitching about potential suitors for rich and powerful men, but then dragons were mentioned once in a while to keep it in line.

The writing was a bit odd, the descriptions stood out as off at times. The issue with the couple is that it’s a clear cut case of insta-love, instantaneous and all-consuming, but the writing dragged so much that even this breed of love felt slow going.

When you sit down and really get into it, it can be alright, but even after all that the amount of pages read is far less than you expected. Jarring, maybe. It’s something in the writing, and I can’t quite place it but it threw it all off.

Having said this, I can see this being an ideal book looking for something fantastical after watching Game of Thrones, but not up to the hard slog of reading the full series. It’s definitely a little lighter, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Pub: 3rd Jul 2014 | Headline

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