Review: A Sixpenny Song – Jennifer Johnston.

sixpennyA Sixpenny Song is a small story, in large, spaced out print. In theory, it should be punchy, powerful and to the point. Annie’s father dies and she returns to Ireland to face past revelations, as well as being left the large house and land.

The recurring theme of the title’s song namesake may have had some significance, but seemed forced and generally a nuisance. And it stands out more because it’s surrounded by so little of interest. There’s characters you can count on one hand to contend with, and only one has enough about him to hold interest, and given the general lacklustre feel to the book, even that is tenuous.

This is her 18th, 19th book? I can’t say I’ll be giving any of the others ago because, for the few pages it had, it was such a struggle to find anything to really enjoy. It had good enough potential hidden in there somewhere, but the plot was without detail, as was everything else.

The only saving grace, personally, was that the font was so big it was over quickly. Perhaps this is just not my cup of tea.

Pub: 31st Oct 2013 | Tinder Press

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