Review: The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains – Neil Gaiman.

As with Gaiman’s work, The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains: A Tale of Travel and Darkness With Pictures of All Kinds dabbles in otherworldly realms in the midst of a relatively dull reality, but growing into something far more intriguing.

An adventure, a search for hidden treasure, Gaiman has paired with Eddie Campbell, who has illustrated this short tale exquisitely. It’s loose, haunting, bold when appropriate, it fits the tale perfectly.

Set in the Highlands in times past, this follows a dwarf with a sought out guide on the road to find the Misty Isle and famed cave, said to hold both gold and evil. Will they succeed? That’s the question, but the quality lies in the fact that the story becomes something far greater than treasure alone.

A tale of regret, vengeance and love, these two have teamed the art of words and paint to create a stunningly dark, yet snappy and gripping little book.

Pub: 17th Jun 2014 | Headline

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