Review: For Faughie’s Sake – Laura Marney.

ffsInverfaughie is a cliquey, quiet Highland town, and home to Trixie, an excluded incomer with the sole desire of escaping and setting up home back in Glasgow. The success of her plan lies in her B&B, and in order to gain the license and make it financially rewarding, she joins the local council and tries to become more of a part of the setting in the meantime.

Hollywood thinks this quiet town is the perfect location to film, bringing some excitement to the greenery, which leads to billionaire property developers sticking their nose in, and political grumbling ahoy.

And here’s the thing: town life and local politics is boring. It really is. Books try so often to find humour in the mundane normality of cut off towns, and even J.K. Rowling failed spectacularly with her snooze-fest The Casual Vacancy.

But here? Here it’s hilarious! Give a Scottish twang (not quite enough to rival Trainspotting, nor cause quite the headache) and it reads as sarcastically as Trixie probably thinks it. All the characters appear your typical boringly nice neighbours on the face of it, but some of them are quite calculating, interesting or generally mental when it boils down to it.

They’d probably never encountered a Weegie psycho before, especially a Weegie psycho mum whose child they had threatened.

The tone is on point to make even the most unusual plot ideas for a quiet town seem interesting yet funny at the same time. This difplag (diffuse plagiarism, as Marney calls it) might pinch from Passport to Pimlico (I can’t vouch for it, but I’d take her word), but bloody hell does it make the Highlands seem jolly interesting.

Pub: May 2014 | Saraband

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