Game of Thrones Exhibit – Belfast – 14th June 2014.

I was going to write a huge blog post but I’m still knackered from this weekend, so I’ll put it simply and then bombard you with pictures. The Game of Thrones exhibit is a must see for fans. It’s smaller than I thought, but then again, it’s a yearly thing so they drop some earlier stuff to bring in newer. The throne is the greatest photo op you’ll find, and the immersion simulator of scaling the Wall had mad queues.

The props and costumes are exquisite. You can tell they’re detailed on screen but it’s not until you look at them up close you realise just how brilliant the designers must be. Surrounded by photos and big block quotes, it’s difficult not to get excited as a  GOT fan as you look at everything, from the box and letter with Theon’s – ahem – and the Onion Knight’s fingers.

It’s sectioned off between characters who are together in the show, like the  Hound and Arya, those at the Purple Wedding, Daenerys with her dragons, and it’s just all really well done. We were done far earlier than we expected, but it meant a full weekend in Belfast, with one hell of a kick off. Brilliant!


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