Review: The Disappearance Of Adèle Bedeau – Graeme Macrae Burnet.

adeleThe Disappearance Of Adèle Bedeau follows Manfred Baumann, a loner and socially awkward man who is dead set in routine, whether it’s a weekly card game or staring at his waitress in his drab, but chosen, restaurant.

Georges Gorski is a detective, haunted for two decades by his first murder case, where a bum pleaded guilty and died in prison for a crime it was clear he didn’t commit. When Adèle goes missing, he’s called to investigate her disappearance, and deal with the resurgence of frustration and disappointment of his past.

It was just a strikingly easy read, and it wasn’t difficult to fall into. It’s a mystery that isn’t overlapping with curveballs to throw you off the scent. Sure, you have suspicions but it just feels like a good story coming to a (surprising, personally) conclusion, and it starts to make sense.

The characters are good, from the detective with a point to prove, to the socially awkward guy who’s so paranoid that he misreads people’s intentions as sinister, or that he’s constantly being followed.

Having had some downtime from reading lately, this was a good book to choose. Easy to get into and read through, and equally as enjoyable when you picked it back up after a few days away. I liked it.

Pub: Jul 2014 | Saraband Books

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