Review: An Appetite For Violets – Martine Bailey.

violetsThat’s how it is for us servants. No one pays you much heed; mostly you’re invisible as furniture. Yet you overhear a conversation here, and add a little gossip there. A writing desk lies open and you cannot help but read a paper. Then you find something, something you should not have found.

Young Biddy Leigh is a cook in the 1770s, where she has modest ambitions. Courtesy of Lady Carinna, Biddy is taken on a trip with a number of others.

A tale of secrets and travels, this historical novel shows the divide between the rich and those who serve them, the perceived respect and actual lack of care to the servants.

Personally, the issue of historical fiction is being hindered by The Luminaries, the book currently sitting on my back burner. It chips away slightly at great books, just because in the back of my head I want to go back to it, and since putting it down I’ve ended up with an abundance of historical fiction.

Aside from the personal irks (that have nothing to do with the book itself), An Appetite for Violets is an inclusive story told from a number of points of view, with letters and recipes sprinkled throughout. All through their journeys from London through Europe, the characters are strong and likeable, good plot and a nice backdrop.

Pub: 22nd May 2014 | Hodder & Stoughton

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