Review: The Travelling Tea Shop – Belinda Jones.

travelling tea shopThe Travelling Tea Shop follows Laurie, who – along with three others – boards a bus for a road US road-trip to bring cake classics to ‘the land of cupcakes’. It deals with family strains and turmoil, past secrets, friendship and a hell of a lot of cake.

The story itself was different, because I’ve rarely read a story about so much cake, and I thought it seemed super cute. And it was fine, the writing was easy enough to digest, and some of the descriptions were particularly cute, but it was just… okay.

At first, I found it hard to like a number of the characters, and while the story did amp up, and you inevitably warmed to some and their personal growth, it really read as more of a travelogue than a story. And even though some moments were particularly good, those were broken up by a mass of travel information and some more lacking plot filler.

Sure, things happened, but if you quizzed me on east coast cake history, I’d probably ace it. Overall, it was nice – a bit disjointed and lacking at times, but it’s okay. Don’t read it if you’re hungry, though!

Pub: 22nd May 2014 | Hodder & Stoughton

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