CLP Blog Tours | Review: Long Shadows – Cecilia Dominic.

long shadowsLonna Marconi was turned into a werewolf against her will, and when she’s not distracted from this fact by her career by day, her inner wolf is out to play by night. One day, that monotony takes a turn as she changes from the hunter to hunted, and Long Shadows follows her journey, from traversing metaphysical borders through doses of romance.

And, look, it’s another instance of hopping in beyond the first edition of a book – for shame! But, credit where it’s due – the second installment works well as a stand alone, which is nice for idiots such as myself.

It has its elements of fantasy but beyond the mere werewolf corner, there’s ghostly beings and wizards, and it seems to work them all together surprisingly well without appearing like trying to cram too much into one tale. It has a fast-placed plot with enough intricacies to keep you hooked, it’s got a real wit about it and manages to maintain a strong romantic element without taking away from the main plot.

The Lycanthropy Files feels like a great series, regardless of what stop you jumped on. Fun fantasy, and a fun little read.


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