Review: Thirteen Weddings – Paige Toon.

paige toonBronte is in England for a wedding, where she has a one night stand with a guy named Alex, before returning to Australia. Fast-forward to the present day, and her new job in London, and she’s shocked to discover he’s her new co-worker, one who returned to his (on a break) fiancée after their night together.

It’s awkward between them, they still have chemistry. Bronte isn’t just working at the magazine, but takes up part time work as a wedding photographer’s assistant, despite her dislike of marriage. Thirteen Weddings follows her career highs and personal lows, trying to cope with a past flame that won’t seem to go out, and find closure with the past.

And here I am, again, a devout I-find-so-many-clichés-in-these-kind-of-books-I-generally-don’t-like-them type, clinging to my book (in this case, Kindle) after Paige has finished because I didn’t want it to end. It gave me a sore head from frowning at one point, it made me say “Oh no” aloud in a dejected way when things took a turn I didn’t want.

See, here’s the thing about Toon’s writing (three books into her work, I can safely say this isn’t just a fluke) – it’s really good. You get proper caught up in it, and refuse to put the book down unless necessary. Like, it’s accessible without being too much, but it’s never that recurring OTT girly, cliché that I cringe over. It’s just good in every sense.

Where relationships are involved, there are so many things that can turn me off a book, but here I am yet again hooked into the story, willing a relationship, proclaiming ‘oh no’ to an empty room when I worry it’s slipping away.

There’s more to it as well, from childhood traumas to friend’s battles with addiction. It’s funny, but it can handle darker moments to really give some depth to the story beyond the typical relationship arc. The characters are just spot on. Even those in the background have their own stories and aren’t there to fluff it out – Lachie, Bridget, Rachel, Polly.

Thirteen Weddings was a fantastic book. It’s one of those moments that when you hit the last page you’re happy to find out how it ended (and I am 100% happy with how it ended, because it’s what I hoped for early on, so thank you Paige for being super), but sad because it’s over. Toon has single-handedly won me over to the genre over the last while, and I 100% recommend this book to anyone remotely considering it!

How long can I ramble before people stop reading? Ditching all attempts at professionalism: this book was SO GOOD!

Pub: 22nd May 2014 | Simon and Schuster UK Fiction

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