Review: Above – Isla Morley.

aboveA sixteen year old schoolgirl is abducted in Kansas and kept in an abandoned silo. She fights for survival, determined to escape her survivalist captive eventually. The blurb claims, Think you know what’s going to happen? You really don’t…

And, for the first time in a while, the blurb was right. I was totally surprised by what happened in the book. I followed Blythe’s grim reality as a captive, feeling particularly odd about it all because of it mirroring certain stories that have been in the news the last few years, and wondering how it would all pan out.

Dobbs, who worked in her school library, picked her, claiming she was special and unlike the other girls. He was protecting her, saving her from the world’s pending death. And, despite his protectiveness turning to rape and more abusive ways, she kind of starts to view him differently towards the end. That was unsettling.

Overall, though, the book is okay. When I found myself surprised by where it was going, I thought man, this is good, but it just started to fall flat. By about the 75% mark the peak had been hit, and the rest felt too bland in comparison, and all together too convenient to satisfy as a great ending.

Above deals with harrowing things, and it is pretty grim. And while a lot of the plot points dip in quality towards the end, and some secondary characters stick around for a bit too long, it’s difficult to deny it was pretty gripping.

Pub: 8th May 2014 | Hodder & Stoughton

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