Review: Boys Like You – Juliana Stone.

boys like youOne mistake. And everything changes. Monroe Blackwell is in Louisiana with her grandma for summer, hoping the bleakness following her particular mistake can be healed. Nathan Everets has his own first hand experience in pain and guilt, crashing a car and putting his best friend in a coma.

Unwilling to share, both disturbed and depressed by their own pasts, this shows two teens being forced together against their will, but finding more in common than they could have foreseen. With alternating perspectives, and the general narration of “He/she thinks this of me, but it doesn’t bother me because I don’t care”, really read like Katie McGarry’s Crash Into You . So, as I enjoyed that (minus the childish romance bits), I felt quite hopeful.

See, Boys Like You isn’t bad, and, like Crash Into You, shows two leads with real back stories, lost and uncaring. But this one was a little unspectacular. The damaged duo finding hope and validation in one another has been done plenty of times, so it’s kind of like you have to really pull it off to make it stand out.

The relationships between characters are good, like Monroe and her gran, even the secondary characters find themselves with a little flesh to them. The main pair’s friendship was kind of nice too, beyond the childish “I’m not his type? Just as well I don’t care, then!” attitude at the start. The actual relationship probably wasn’t as powerful as the times where they originally confided in one another.

And the wording is corny sometimes. He’s tattooed, and she kind of judges him (One part she says no one gets ink without real meaning, and – just no), but then she says Ah, now I understood the tattoos and hair. He wasn’t just into the look; he was part of the scene. These kind of toe-curling cringes rear their head every once in a while.

Generally, it’s fine. It’s nice. It deals with some real struggles and tragedies but didn’t really go that little bit further to make it great. It’s also the first book I’ve ever seen to mention Five Finger Death Punch, so bonus points to you!

Pub: 6th May 2014 | SOURCEBOOKS Fire

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