Review: No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday – Tracy Bloom.

sexNot going to lie, this book cover reminded me of Joanna Bolouri’s The List and I thought, if it was a fraction as funny or enjoyable as that, it was worth it. It’s a story of childhood sweethearts who ended their relationship then end up in bed years later – she gets pregnant, but is it his, or is it her immature, younger boyfriend?

I think the issue with it is with most romance and chick-lit, you’re meant to root for someone. I didn’t. They’re just generally characters that are difficult to sympathise with. Is cheating, and not knowing who the father is, like… funny? I would say as a general rule, no, but I do see it working well in a book of this sort, if done properly.

The characters are really one-dimensional, and they all seem to fall into a cliché: lad, gay best friend, etc, etc. Katy loses all grab when she sleeps with her now married ex, seeming to find closure in the situation without one twinge of guilt in sight.

Being disconnected from the characters from the off made it difficult to care, and Katy’s actions were just reckless. If they had been better fleshed out, it very well might have been more enjoyable. It wasn’t hilarious, nor was it great – it was just okay, but there was a lot lacking elsewhere. Having said that, it’s the best cover I’ve seen in a long time for pick-up-ability (a real word). Every time I see it in shops I want to look at it, as have whoever I’ve been with at the time.

Pub: 14th Apr 2014 | Random House UK, Cornerstone

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