Review: Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski.

don't evenThis is the story of how we became freaks. It’s how a group of I’s became a we.

It all started when class 10B got their flu shots – suddenly they could all hear what everyone was thinking. This class become telepathic and can both intentionally communicate with each other, and read unsuspecting thoughts of anyone in the vicinity.

When it comes to dating – great! It’s easy to see what your date hopes you answer questions and appease them, but most importantly it’s an exploration of what people really think. Would you really want to know everything your friends or classmates thought about you? What if you cheated on your boyfriend (hint: one character did), and suddenly everyone simply knew?

I found the writing a little too simple. There was barely any mystery, from about the second line the multiple narrators talk about the day it happened, foreboding and stuff. And it never really holds the gravitas. The effect has clearly been spoiled by the blurb, so it never really lived up to any form of surprise.

It was, really, just okay. I thought the idea was cool, and Mlynowski did explore some ethical things like breaking trust of delving into other’s minds, keeping a secret for someone’s protection (or to keep a family together), and some ins and outs of that. But it really felt like the whole quirk of the ESP was conceived purely as a reason to tweak teen romance, and it was just a bit off – it was the driving force of these ideas, rather than an enhancement.

Pub: 1st May 2014 | Hachette Children’s Books


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