Review: From Souk to Souk: Travels Through the Middle East – Robin Ratchford.

souk“Most of my friends think my choice of holiday destinations is insane; others joke that I must be a spy because they think I only go to war zones.”

From Souk To Souk sees Robin Ratchford create a travelogue through the Middle East, blending his traditional accounts of colourful journeys and an accessible, personal insight. It gives the reader the chance to experience these regions in a different way, one that the media rarely chooses to focus on.

Without personal experience of these nations to compare, it still seems as though Ratchford gives a fair description of his surroundings. He’s mystified in the sense that he’s wanted to go to some of these places since childhood, but not blinded enough to romanticise everything.

It is a nice book and gives you a neat insight into this part of the world, but you don’t really feel why he’s there. There’s very little background into who Ratchford is and what motivated this trip other than childhood fascination with Qatar. More so, though he gives nice stories from each place, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the area, it seems like he’s hopping between them day to day from the way he writes.

Aside from the background lacking, it’s definitely an eye-opener into these countries that are rarely seen outside the media’s negative perspective.

Pub: 28th Mar 2014 | Troubador Publishing Ltd

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