Review: Doll Bones – Holly Black.

doll bonesDoll Bones is a little bit dark, and a little bit twisted, but in the kind of way that Neil Gaiman’s children’s books are. It’s the kind of creep that post-Coraline made me eye the door at the end of my hall skeptically, rather than cower behind couches.

The story follows three kids on the cusp of adolescence – Zach, Poppy and Alice – who are a mirror of the childhood friendships we can all likely remember. But their routine playtimes take a creepy twist when a doll made of bones appears.

It’s an adventure for the three, fuelled by the make-believe and possibly the last strands of their innocence before the teenage years slowly take over. It’s full of imagination and friendship, and if you’re happy to read Gaiman-type creep to your children, then this is along those lines. If you don’t want to share spook with your kids, though, it’s not a bad thing to keep for yourself.

One criticism – if it can even be called a criticism – is that it feels like it would read better on page than on screen. The Kindle was fine, but Eliza Wheeler’s drawings looked so nice that it would probably benefit greatly to be a physical copy.

Pub: 4th Jul 2013 | Random House Children’s Publishers UK


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