Review: Click – Lisa Becker.

clickWhen it comes to the new years resolutions involving sex and dating plot lines, I’ve had my fair share of goodness. Case in point: The List by Joanna Bolouri, and How To Get A Love Life by Rosie Blake.

And, admittedly, they changed my generally skeptical view of the romance novel. Click: An Online Love Story was kind of intriguing, being the first I read with the sole motivation of finding the boyfriend to be online dating.

Becker sticks to the online theme, telling the whole story through emails. BCCs, FWDs, REs: every kind of email header is there, and it’s actually a bit of a headache to read because half of the text is email fodder, dates and times. Reading those details isn’t fun, but it turns out they’re important to keep track of the pace of the book.

The decision to write in this format is not only limiting in getting to know the characters in any sort of depth, but it means they start emailing each other about chats they had that day during lunch, almost to fill the reader in.

It has its share of dating disasters, and it makes for easy reading. I do think the best romance-type novels are the ones where you just rattle through it, so in that sense it’s good. The format – though clear why it was chosen – is what really held it back, but it has its real moments of being funny and enjoyable.


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