Review: Elephants on Acid And Other Bizarre Experiments – Alex Boese.

acidYou know when you randomly browse the sale section in HMV and they have books going for about £2 and suddenly you fancy giving anything a try? That.

I like science and weird things, so this sounded pretty much ideal. I don’t like animal cruelty, and most of the experiments in line with animals crossed that line heavily, which made me feel pretty uncomfortable. On the flip side, I found it interesting that people actually funded some of this stuff.

Outside of animals, there’s sex and relationships, babies, the senses, even the end of the world is dealt with. A lot of experiments stand out after this, but the phrase about the penis being a scoop is burned into my brain above all else at the moment.

It’s fine, it’s fun. Some of it is completely and utterly vile, and the people involved are clearly mental, but that’s kind of the point of the book: the recount some of the most wild and (not so) wonderful things people have done in the name of science.


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