Review: Down To The Bone – Mayra Lazara Dole.

down to the boneLast project-related read, by the looks of it and it was the one I’m most glad to finish. The story itself is fine, but the writing style really grated, like really.

It’s interesting in that it deals with teens from families whose cultures are generally unfriendly towards homosexuality, and anything outside the grow up, get married, have children mentality. Shai is excited to celebrate her two year anniversary with Marlena, but finds her private texts read to her class due to not paying attention.

What unfolds is their secret relationship being torn apart. Shai refuses to tell her mother exactly who it is, and finds herself thrown out of school and home. The other main pitfall of the plot is that her homelessness is barely touched on, and it kind of solves itself without any sense of hardship. Any. At. All.

Definitely different to read a book that deals with these topics, and the cultural slant on it, but the execution was a bit, eugh.


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