Review: Benediction – Kent Haruf.

benedictionDad Lewis has terminal cancer, with only a few weeks to live. His wife and daughter try to make his final days comfortable, with a notable absence of their estranged son. A young girl moves next door with her grandmother, with Dad’s condition reminding her of her own mother’s death. A new preacher faces his congregations disdain by being more than they’re used to, while an elderly widow and her daughter try to ease the pain of friends and neighbours alike.

By all accounts, this is not a plot driven book. Dad’s final days make him almost childlike, but in a good way – he tells people what he really thinks, and opens up the emotions adults are told to suppress. He cries, he mourns, he feels. The stark reality of it is nice, but that was part of what distanced me from it. It’s emotionally-driven, character-driven – it’s a little down living day to day, and it’s simple.

It is nice, but personally I need something a little more.
A string of quick, catch-up reviews that I’ve missed. Again: project work is drowning me, so I’m trying to catch up~

Pub: 27th Feb 2014 | Pan Macmillan

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