Review: The Vintage Girl – Hester Browne.

vintageThe Vintage Girl is exactly what it says on the cover. Evie Nicholson works for an antiques dealer in London. Her talent is finding them. Is it for the value? No. It’s for the story. And that’s why you kind of love her.

In 2014, where vintage is almost synonymous with hipster, Evie is an old romantic. She’s more taken with old wedding photos and the stories of generations past than a table with some value. She’s in trouble with her boss for impulse buys, and her minimalistic mother and sister keep urging her to clear out her overridden flat. She, of course, refuses.

Her sister’s boyfriend’s family friend (phew) has inherited Castle Kettlesheer in Scotland, but they’re having some financial troubles and she is tasked with finding some key pieces to sell to keep them afloat. Really, it’s her dream.

It’s just such a cute book. Personally, Evie is such a wonderful and naive character. Her play acting walking down the stairs, as if she was in the 1800s, was pretty adorable. The Vintage Girl has a little bit of romance and surprises from the past, but it’s got a hell of a lot of history.

Cute seems the word that keeps springing to mind, but that’s wrong. Charming is probably more on point. It’s hardly an action filled book, but it’s simply nice. And I really enjoyed it.

Pub: 13th Feb 2014 | Quercus

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