Review: How To Get A (Love) Life – Rosie Blake.

love lifeNicola is the kind of person who eats her lunch at a certain time, with carrot sticks measured to the same sizes, who would double-lock her door and clean up her tables at the slightest sign of a smudge. She is perfectly happy on her own, she tells herself, but her boss is exasperated by her unwillingness to take a little risk and have a life – more importantly a love life.

A dare, or more a challenge depending on how you view it, to get a date by Valentines day takes her on a string of crazy dates. Kayaking in winter? A teacher with serious issues because of his pupils? They’re the kind of dates you’d curl your toes over, but Rosie makes them fun (mainly because you’re not experiencing them yourself).

The end is ultimately a bit predictable and the clear chemistry between love interests isn’t as obvious as it is in another books. At the moment, this feels like a bit of an issue, but then when I think of books that make it clear, I often feel like it’s overkill. It’s an odd balance.

How To Get A (Love) Life is well-written and broken down. You’ll hope from date to date, and find yourself willing her to find someone good. Who can’t empathise with someone stepping out their comfort zone to such a serious degree? I may not cut my carrot sticks to 5cm, but I can understand the fear of throwing yourself headfirst into certain aspects of life, especially ones that involve… you know… other people.

It’s nice. Every once in a while you want a feel good romance book, and Bridget Jones proved we love a haphazard dater, but still stick by ’em until the end.

Pub: 29th Jan 2014 | Novelicious Books

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