Review: The Missing File – D.A. Mishani.

missing fileAvraham Avraham is tasked with finding a missing teenage boy in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. The suburbs, as you would expect, are usually quiet, but the incident has fuel added to the fire courtesy of information offered by a school teacher.

He initially dismisses the importance of the missing boy, believing his district isn’t exactly a crime centre, but it proves the first of many mistakes he makes through the course of The Missing File.

It feels clear that D. A. Mishani knows the area he’s set his story in – though it could have done with more exploration, and that his time as a literary scholar specialising in the history of detective fiction has rubbed off well on his own contribution to its history.

Personally, though, it was just okay. It took a while to pick up speed, and the overlap in narrative between the pair was at times unnecessary.

It’s interesting in that it’s not a setting I’ve read a crime novel in before, but it felt like it took quite a while to actually get to the punch.

Pub: 6th Feb 2014 |  Quercus Books

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