Review: The Fading Place – Mary SanGiovanni.

the fadingCharlie Van Houten is a single mother running the usual weekend errands with her beautiful baby girl Haley, until a delusional gun-wielding woman named Simone takes them hostage in their own car. As they make their way to an unknown final destination, and Simone’s paranoia spirals further out of control, Charlie must stop a different kind of monster from taking away all that she loves.

The Fading Place has a blurb that really peaks your interest, and SanGiovanni’s style of writing is both fluid and well paced, somewhat refreshing after a string of books with good plots but underlying issues with the writing.

Emotionally-driven, the range of issues it deals with in relation to mothers and their attachment to their children is certainly provoking. The sense of “something else” isn’t necessarily as present as intended, so felt a little secondary.

It is at times predictable, and proved frustrating when the perfect chance to escape presented itself but wasn’t seized. It is, however, a very well written thriller, with a real sense of life or death treading a fine line.

Pub: 11th Feb 2014 | DarkFuse

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