Review: The List – Joanna Bolouri.

The more attentive among you will notice I reviewed Joanna’s debut at the end of last year. Given an e-copy for review, I kind of rambled about how wonderful it was. Sometimes re-reads can ruin that initial spark that you felt with a book, but with the print copy due out in mere weeks, I gave it another go and it is simply glorious.

Move over Bridget Jones – Phoebe Henderson is in town. This fiery 30-something singleton is recently out of a relationship and has one thing in mind: sexual liberation; or more precisely, a list. A new year’s resolution she intends to keep, the list of ten sexual things she’d like to try takes her on a year of experimentation and self-discovery.

Joanna Bolouri avoids the common clichés of the romance genre, not letting Phoebe leap between duelling heartthrobs. There’s no sign of a token Darcy, the attractive object of the heroine’s attention who has a general distaste for her; nor is there a bad boy who leads her astray. Weddings prove no incentive to change either, with the end goal not being to snag a boyfriend. Her motivation is to explore with friends and strangers alike, without a judgemental undertone to the book.

You can read my full, less excitedly rambled review here.

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