Review: The Outcast Dead – Elly Griffiths.

outcastA novel that surrounds the murders of children at a glance seems like something that will hook you in via morbid curiosity, rather than the mysteries surrounding it. Ruth Galloway finds what is believed to be the body of Jemima Green, aka Mother Hook, a Victorian, convicted baby-farmer. Ruth is reluctant to take up the offer of being part of a TV show about women who kill, mere footage of her being part of the dig, but her boss is all over the potential publicity.

A historical grounding for an almost modern retelling of the morbid tales, children start to go missing in an almost mirror set of events. The characters are strong and believable, and it’s interesting to see how they deal with such horrible circumstances unfolding on their doorsteps.

I’m told it’s a series – news to me! It’s very good as a stand-alone, so I can’t echo any complaints about it as part of a series. You get sucked in and want to know how the mystery is solved, although the ending might be a little out-of-nowhere for some. Still, something different.

Pub: 6th Feb 2014 | Quercus

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