Review: Insurgent – Veronica Roth.

insurgentThe Divergent series is good, but it goes downhill after the first one.

I’d been told this by at least three people before I ever started the series, and had that comment ringing in my head when I started Insurgent. But, like falling into being completely taken with the first book, I found myself totally into this.

And here’s why: It kind of reminds me of the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, but without the awkward, staged settings. It was like: we are fighting X, we need to do it, and we’re not playing for cameras. It follows their many plans and hurdles while trying to conquer the Erudite, and it keeps a good pace throughout.

I spent a bulk of Divergent waiting to be hooked because of the hype, whereas here I was just ready to see where the story went. So, in a backwards kind of way, I actually liked this one better? Maybe. I’m still thinking about it.

There are some issues: Tris and Tobias’s relationship becomes ridiculously childish. Damn it, just talk to each other for God sake. And Tris is a bit too heroic (is there such a thing?), and wants to throw herself in front of the metaphorical bullet every time. Someone might have to take a fall? Don’t worry, Tris will do it. Every. Time.

But she is a good character, and I still stand by that. She has a reckless streak and can be childish, other times she can be downright stupid in her decisions, but it driven by good intentions. She wants to save others, she tries to do what is best for others, not just herself, and she has proven herself really strong.

And, do I need to even talk about the ending? For one, I won’t in case there’s someone so late to the game that they’ve got here after me (unlikely). But, man, now I definitely need to read the next one.


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