Review: Wolfhound Century – Peter Higgins.

wolfhoundVissarion Lom is a cop, and an incorruptible one at that. He’s sick of the oppression and hypocrisy that surrounds him, and is summoned to the capital to catch a terrorist, subsequently ordered to report directly to the head of the secret police.

Alternative history doused in fantasy, this book was more than expected. Similar to war-time Russia, Higgins’ world feels real enough, with characters interesting enough, although sometimes overshadowed by plot. Comparatively, however, they remain more fleshed than many in previous books who have come second to the story, but it’s a little niggle throughout.

A line between tread between Stalin-esque characterisation and golems and angels, Wolfhound Century has created it’s own little setting, and one that certainly feels different to most you’ll have read.

The story really catches your attention, and you feel yourself drawn into the mystery at hand. It’s fast and on point, although sometimes it got a little too quick in its changes. Personally, at least. A very interesting twist of a story, and completely unexpected.

Pub: 2 Feb 2014 | Orbit

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