CLP Blog Tours | Review: Sometime Ya Gotta Laugh – Timothe Davis.

sometimes ya gotta laughJordan Spencer is thirty-six and, despite being settled in the city for over six years, hasn’t had a relationship that’s lasted more than six months. He’s part of a trio of friends, alongside Gabby – who has just found a new boyfriend – and Chris – a self proclaimed sex machine.

He’s happy with their happy hour soirees, but in time the other two drift away from Jordan into their own problems. He faces loneliness – whether he needs to find new people, fight to get his friends back, or strike a balance between the two.

And, though about friendship, it’s overwrought with dysfunctional relationships. Jordan, a commitment-phobe of sorts, finds a nice girl but still has booty calls when he’s feeling lonely. Gabby is with Brad, a doctor who wants to spend lots of time with her, but in time their relationship unravels through his controlling and obsessive nature.

And then there’s Chris, the most interesting character of all. Happy to have a revolving door of women, a threesome with a straight couple leaves him confused after he finds himself liking being with a man. It’s a struggle he deals with throughout the book, and one not unheard of. It alienates him from his friends, he even becomes standoffish with those who made him explore his sexuality in the first place.

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh has realistic relationships and lifestyles. It deals with issues including drugs, STDs and domestic abuse, but it still has a light tone for the most part, raising the question of how far you would go to protect your friends, even when you’ve never been so distant? A nice little read.

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