Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown.

red risingDarrow is a Helldiver, a Red who lives under the surface of Mars. They believe they are sacrificing themselves in work for something greater, for potential society. What he doesn’t know, however, is that society is fully functioning above ground and they are mere slaves, kept in line by the Golds. A classic tale of societal hierarchy, seen through the underdog.

Colours are a social status, and Reds are as low as they come. Eo, his young wife, believes in more. She is strong and loving, and sacrifices herself by singing a forbidden song, being hung as a consequence.

Her last hope is for Darrow to realise his potential and fight for something more, to be something greater. And, though he believes his life to have come to a premature end shortly after the loss of Eo, he soon has the opportunity not only for vengeance, but for revolution.

Red Rising is, to cut to the chase, the bomb. I really enjoyed the book. It has tones of The Hunger Games, except where death and survival is the goal there, here they strive to form society and rule. But really, it’s all cunning – crazy acts aren’t celebrated, where cunning is.

The characters are so strong in the book – few are skimmed over, with most having a real back story or strong personality traits that really bring something to the plot. It’s kind of refreshing to find a Young Adult book that isn’t from a female perspective, and – more so – this book isn’t romantically inclined whatsoever. Any notion of romance is as fleeting as can be, which is why it’s so great. There’s just so much happening.

There’s conflict, determination, potential of losing oneself along the way, sacrifice, finding there is good in those you believed to be evil, rebellion, love lost, revenge, power and fighting for revolution.

Even though I only finished about five minutes ago, I’m hankering for the next book. This ended at the perfect point to leave you wanting more; a predictable point in time perhaps, but the setting in which the next book is set to start is one I wouldn’t have pictured.


Pub: 28th Jan 2014 || Hodder & Stoughton

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