Review: The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort.

wolf of wall streetJeez. I saw a red carpet interview where wee Leo disputed the idea of glamourizing this guy’s lifestyle, saying that with them being the source of controversy we should be looking at what drives their greed and desires for the lifestyle to fully understand.

I don’t think I’d have bought it if any other actor had said it, and I knew the driving forces and the resultant opinion I would have on Jordan Belfort, but in reality – this book was just a pile of crap. Honestly.

Who could really be surprised that a power-crazed egotist could ramble on in such a narcissistic fashion? In the midst of many of his endless rambles on explaining exactly what he was doing with his money and why he’ll drop a comment along the lines of “What were we supposed to do!” – exclamation mark key – as if he’d break the fourth wall, shrug his shoulders with a smirk and we’d look at him like “Man! What else could he have done?!”

His money focus makes even his drug intake dull – he explicitly details the numbers and measurements he takes at some points, and it’s like… yawn. Some moments were entertaining, and things like the hooker tales were going to be of interest in a book that was ultimately going to end up in jail, but even in the midst of this sensationalist re-telling of his life it’s repetitive. Does anyone really give a shit how great his wife’s ass is the first time he says it, let alone the hundred-and-first?

He says the Wolf of Wall Street is a cautionary tale. It reads as a narcissist proudly telling you how great his life was, how he worked the system, and how great a rootin’-tootin’ guy he is by the end of it.

Do you care when he becomes sober and faces up to his crimes? Does your heart warm when he talks of him mending the relationship with his wife so they are amiable, despite moving on? No! He was a crook, and he was never going to be likeable, but after wasting too many hours of my life with this, I want to buy a physical copy of the book just to throw it at his head.


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