Review: Phoenix Island – John Dixon.

phoenixTeen orphan Carl Freeman is punished for overstepping the line one too many times with violence. As a young and praised boxer, he uses his talents to defend those he feels need defending. His latest assault is the tipping point, seeing him sent to Phoenix Island.

At first it seems a mere military boot camp, where he will be ‘rehabilitated’ until his 18th birthday, but between the brute force of the commanders and the secrets spread as rumours, it proves more than he imagined.

You will soon grow to hate the word “HOOAH!” and wish to never hear it again. But the book is actually surprisingly grabbing – a cross of Lord of the Flies (my input) and Rocky (friend’s input when described to her) – and you can’t help but wonder how it will work itself out.

The actual fights are will written, better than most hand-to-hand combat comes off on the page, and it shows them battle many challenges along the way. Carl is driven by his emotions, but you can see that he had good intentions for the most part. You can’t help back his determination.

Parker felt a bit one dimensional – bad for the sake of being bad – where as Stark had a little more to work with. Page turner, and something a wee bit different for me anyway.

Published: 21 Jan 2014 | Gallery Books

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