Review: A Cry In The Night – Tom Grieves.

cry in the nightA Cry in the Night sees Detectives Zoe Barnes and Sam Taylor called in to investigate the disappearance of two children. But the case is far darker than they imagined, with whisperings of the community harbouring a deadly secret.

There’s a creepy tone throughout, and the atmosphere it creates is genuinely intriguing. There’s a real sense of place – instead of skipping over the surroundings, this really hits the nail on the head with the haunting quality of the lake.

There’s a chilling feel about how missing children can affect the family and community, with paranoia kicking up ugly issues. Blame is cast, prejudices raised – there’s a sense of unease and distrust that really shrouds the case in mystery.

You follow the protagonists through their personal twists and turns, whether they are on point or foolish. These flaws make them relatable – they’re not perfect, not movie-pristine. Gripping thriller, for sure.


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