Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 7: The Calm Before – Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard.

the calm beforeThe Calm Before does pretty much what it says on the tin, in that it’s a welcome break from adventuring far out of the grounds, and from the endless onslaught of violence.

By all accounts, this is almost normal. Lori gives birth to their little girl, tries to reignite her relationship with Carol and comes to terms with the fact that she should tell Rick the truth about Shane, but whether he wants to hear it is a different matter.

Relationships are twisted slightly, with some worries being misread, others a mere manipulation leading up to something else and new relationships forming. There is mild adventure outside the gates in attempt to stock up and train people in shooting, but it ultimately is a nicely paced book.

Hardly any walkers get shot in the head in comparison to normal – that’s how laid back it gets. You get complacent as their surroundings seem to resemble normality. And then you turn that last page and you’re like, fuck.


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