Review: Solomon the Peacemaker – Hunter Welles.

hunterYou know how 1984 was a look into the future from back in the day that, in retrospect, seems horribly on point at times? Well, Solomon the Peacemaker gives a speculative sneak peak into the 22nd century, told through a number of question and answer sessions with Vincent Chell. And it’s not exactly farfetched.

Told through interrogation, questions omitted, it’s an almost seamless narrative. At times your mind flits into wondering what questions were asked and what was said, especially mid-session when he demands a new interrogator.

Vincent – V. – is presented as being part of a terrorist act, yet his story takes you from his personal start to finish, to which you find yourself caught up in his marriage with Yael, his job with Forge – the memory drug brand, and the Host. You kind of forget that negative introduction and get caught up in his story, completely and utterly.

Though described as dystopian, it almost feels just a glimpse into the future. It’s not that farfetched to see a higher use of robots and machines. It’s not even that outrageous to imagine The Peacemaker, a machine that solves disputes between countries; they abide by the machine’s decisions and have been at peace for decades. The only catch is that it needs a human Host to keep its decisions in touch with human emotion. If such a machine could exist in the future, it seems plausible. Horribly plausible.

Solomon The Peacemaker is completely absorbing, to the point you forget the initial point of these interrogation sessions until the last 10-15% really picks back up at the point they really want to get to the bottom of.

It has love, conflict, rebellion, desperation, and it really was a surprisingly great read.


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