Review: Entry Island – Peter May.

entrEntry Island doesn’t really do law, by tradition. The island community is small and trusting, doors are left unlocked and any disagreements are generally handled by fists, and even those are few and far between. So, when murder strikes the town, an eight-officer investigation team deemed cut out for the job turn up, a real anomaly in a generally uneventful setting . The wealthiest man on the island has been killed and despite a few people raised as suspects, the finger firmly points at his wife. And it stays there.

Sime Mackenzie, one of the investigators is struck upon meeting the prime suspect, certain that he knows her, despite never meeting. This is reinforced by the dual narrative of the book. First, it follows the crime and subsequent investigation. Second, it follows the story of his ancestors in the 1800s in the Outer Hebrides and the subsequent troubles they face. It offers some food for thought, yet pinpointing the exact relevance is difficult enough at times to keep the mystery going, and it really works.

Entry Island has murder, deception, mystery, adultery, coming to terms with one’s past and never giving up on a gut feeling that there’s something more going on. There’s cultural clashes, love, determination and multiple perceptions of one incident or person. Like any good crime story, there’s never just one thing going on, but enough to keep you thinking.

There’s a clear distinction between the two narratives, be it POV or the mere emotional undertones, versus the almost grim reality of the present day. Two contrasting times and settings, yet they work so well together in the end. A grabbing book, and something really different to your average detective story.

Pub: 2 Jan 2014 | Quercus Books

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