Review: Dungeon Fun – Colin Bell, Neil Slorance.

dungeon funThis is the story of a girl and her sword.

Dungeon Fun starts with a knight on a quest to save a princess being stopped by two bridge trolls, propped at the entrance of the bridge for security purposes. Metal detectors and passports required, the knight isn’t getting an easy passage. His sword is discarded into the pit, and so the reader discovers Deepmoat.

This is where creatures live, and find their lives disrupted by things falling from the sky. It’s basically the dumping ground for everything the trolls confiscate, and one time, years ago, they discarded a little girl. Fun Mudlifter. She’s got a little bit of sass, and I love it. Sick of stuff falling from the sky, she decides it’s time to fight for change. But what lies in store?

The word charming tends to come around a lot when I talk about Neil Slorance’s drawings and comic books. I mean, his Heisenberg has pride of place on my fireplace for being an adorable little meth cook, so when it comes to a genuinely lovely and warm story provided by Colin Bell, this was sure to raise a smile. It’s genuinely funny, and just cute.

The fact it’s book one makes me happy. A well thought out Christmas present for my boyfriend on my part. He sat and laughed at it while not showing me what was going on, and as soon as he left for work I picked it up to have a read myself. Recommend! Look forward to book two…


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