Review: Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll.

alice[1/52] Before I was born my parents collected a set of 52 classic books for me. I’ve read odds and sods over the years, but am planning on re-reading the whole series.
(Will get a picture of the glorious collection for the next post, anyway).

It’s been a long time since I read Alice in Wonderland. A long time. What’s the plot? There isn’t really one. It’s all just a little bit mad, really, but it’s okay because we’re all mad here.

A nice little kids story (although being in your 20s doesn’t diminish its wonderfulness). The only downside is you picture Disney’s images through and through. Pretty sure the first time this was read to me I didn’t have that image. Oh, well! A pathetically rushed review for the first, but here we go.


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