Review: 1984 – George Orwell.


19841984 is a glance to a dystopian future, written in the 1940s. A glance at a futuristic system that spies on your every movement, scrutinses every glance, aims to control every thought. Sex is chastised unless for the sole purpose of reproduction, and even that looks to be quashed.

Love is unacceptable. Children are reared to spy on their parents for the slightest indiscretion or thought crime. Creativity is stifled, with dictionaries re-written to remove any word that could have real meaning. History is erased – He who controls the present controls the past – with everything re-written for the sole purpose of raising the Party and Big Brother. They were always in control, by their own reckoning.

If they say 2+2=5, it does.

This follows one man who remembers, one who knows they’re wrong and rebels through the simplest of things: writing in a diary. Forbidden in his time.

Part One was interesting, but ended dragging a tiny bit towards the end. But from Part Two onwards, the game changed and the stakes were upped. More, it’s too similar to just now.

The telescreens almost scream XBox One’s desire to keep webcams on at all times and the abundance of CCTV, the gradual quashing of thoughts. The NSA revelations show that 1984 wasn’t that wrong in it’s glance into the future. The brainwashing in the book is scary, but it’s entirely plausible given how much the powers in the world look to spy on and control their people today.

Great book, and generally unsettling.


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