Review: Delirium – Lauren Oliver.

deliriumI was completely skeptical reading a book in which love was a disease and to fall in love was a criminal offense. I had a feeling it would be predictable and overly soppy and every other cliché possible.

So, sure, I was my usual self when I read some of the descriptions. I turned my nose up at the intensity of which love was described because it was, well, overdone.  But how could it be anything but? Any feeling of adoration would appear intense in a world where being dispassionate and merely content is the norm.

But I can’t deny I got totally sucked into the story, especially in the last quarter. I found it a really easy book to get through when I sat down to read it, and towards the end just couldn’t put it down. I had my own ending in mind (I’m sure everyone else did) but I was wrong, and it surprised me. If I was inclined to be emotionally invested in this book, I may say it broke my heart. But I wasn’t emotionally invested in this book – unlucky for you if you were…

Anyway, it surprised me for a number of reasons. I didn’t think I’d like the plot, since a heavy focus on love isn’t my favourite. I also thought a lot of plot points were predictable, only to find out I was completely wrong.

I liked it, anyway.


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