65 books update.

The first post I made on this blog was about Buzzfeed’s 65 Books You Need To Read in Your 20s post. While I’ve gone a bit Goodreads-crazy (currently sitting on 61 books read so far this year), I thought I should have a look through the list and see if  I’ve actually made any headway.

These were the ones I’d already read (all links to reviews) –

And these are the ones  I’ve read since…

I’ve had David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest on my Kindle since May, and it’s such a hard book to get through. I am determined at some point to get further, but… It’s the first book in years I really cannot get into.  Is it worth it?

Well, I’ve doubled the number I had read when I started this, so that’s… okay, I guess? I still have the best part of a decade to work through the other 57, so I think I’ll do okay. It’s more a case of being able to afford them/getting a hold of them. I’m skint, it kind of sucks. Any kind souls want to donate some books to me?

Any book recommendations in general?

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